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Sunshine on Sanibel Island

I went to Sanibel to visit family and friends. I have a lot of friends that live in what we natives call DING DARLING. Plus, some cousins, the white pelicans that come to Ding yearly to visit. I also wanted to eat some good, fresh fish from the ocean, but also to see the sunshine. I am living in Cincinnati waiting for 800 pelicans to arrive here. Nothing like 800 pelicans! I want them to have a comrade here to greet them. When they get here we are going to be ready to go....wait to see what and where we go next?

Your friend,

Peri the pelican

#DingDarling #JNDingDarling #pelicans #whitepelcans #sunshine #Perithepelican #perithepelicancom

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